Zodiac Sign-Based “Law of Power” to Defeat Enemies 

Read on to learn your personal "law of power," as determined by your astrological sign. 

Aquarius:   Aquarius, talk less and have more of an impact. 

Your foes will often give up and surrender if you ignore their pleading looks and calls for help. 

Scorpion   This rule, Scorpio, is all about "enveloping people" in a smokescreen so they can't see through your true motives and so can't mount a defense.  

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You're the road sign that directs your foes astray; you play foolish to trick them into making mistakes that ultimately lead to your victory. 

Aries   Planet Mars-controlled Aries understands that if they engage an enemy in battle, they will do it with all their might.  

When they fight, they fight to the finish, and they lead the charge with a large army following close behind.  

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