Top MLB play-by-play announcers

Mel Allen may be the most talented. "The Voice of the Yankees," Allen called games for the team from 1947 to 1964, when he was fired without explanation

From the "Catbird Seat," Barber broadcast from Cincinnati from 1934 until 1938. Barber became the "Voice of the Dodgers" in Brooklyn for 15 years

Brickhouse began broadcasting at 18 in Peoria, Illinois, his hometown. Finally, he reached Chicago in the northeast. Brickhouse is most remembered for announcing Cubs games

Buck's St. Louis Cardinals radio career began as a color commentator with Harry Caray. Buck began play-by-play responsibilities in the 1970s and continued through the 1990s. 

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Canel was a broadcast idol for a generation of Spanish-speaking baseball fans. Canel called 42 World Series for NBC

Harry Caray is one of the greatest broadcast booth personalities. He was noted for wearing pop-bottle glasses, drinking pops while calling a game, yelling "Holy Cow!" after a long ball

Bob Costas' 2022 ALDS call of Cleveland pitcher Shane Bieber "Justin Bieber" is forgiveable. Costas is one of the most versatile broadcasters, winning 22 Emmys.

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