Signs of the Zodiac Who Will Make Big Changes This Month 

GEMINI  This month, Gemini is like a Pokemon that goes from being a frightened intern to a confident expert in their field. 

This is the point at which they finally grant themselves the approval they've been craving.  

LIBRA  The Libran seeks to shed the image of the goody-two-shoes they believe secretly irritates other people. 

They yearn to display even the slightest degree of edginess, as this quality is universally admired. 

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CAPRICORN  This month, Capricorn is reborn when they let go of the part of themselves that believes they must always agree with those in authority.  

They know how to get forward by always doing what they're told, acting like the perfect middle child, and never, ever making waves.  

They've been pleasing those who demand critical thinking from them without questioning their motives for so long.  

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