Scorpio New Moon-Thriving Zodiacs 

Mars, also in Scorpio, will give this New Moon added fire.  

Scorpio  This New Moon in your 1st House of Self and Identity will force you out of your comfort zone, but it will benefit you.  

This lunar transit forces you to look inside and face your true self, not just the one you wish others to see. 

Pisces  Pisces, reflect on your beliefs and viewpoints with the New Moon in your 9th House of Travel, Higher Education, and Philosophy. 

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This transit may also encourage vacation or education, so it's worth seizing the chance to change your routine. 

Cancer  The New Moon illuminates your 5th House of Romance, Creativity, and Pleasure, giving you the chance to break your creative slump. 

Passion projects you haven't been able to pursue may get a new perspective or inspiration at this time, so focus on them. 

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