Ranking NBA Teams With Best Away Records Ever

The 17-time NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers have the best road record in NBA history.

As one of sports' most successful franchises, the Lakers' spot atop this list was inevitable, as it was for teams with the best home records

With a franchise built on the backs of some of the best players ever, their top statistical rankings are no surprise.

You were right that one of those championship seasons was their best road season. Correct again if you guessed 1971-72

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After defeating the Bulls in the first round and the Bucks in the Conference Finals, the Lakers advanced to the Finals to face the same Knicks as in 1970.

This series would be less close than the 1970 Knicks-Lakers classic. LA was the best team this season, winning the NBA title in five games

The Finals MVP, Lakers center Wilt Chamberlain, averaged 19.4 points and 23.2 rebounds per game. 

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