November 3, 2023 astrological predictions for your star sign

With Venus and Neptune opposing each other across your spiritual axis, you may be in a sensitive mood and very open to other people’s vibes. 

You may feel a twinge of envy for someone who seems to have it all, and who is also well-liked. Today’s temporary aspect can hint at dissatisfaction with the way you see yourself. 

A mood of modesty and humility may sweep over you, inspiring you to be kind to others, especially those you work or do business with.  

This may be one of those days when you’re ready to drop any barriers and let close ones know exactly how you feel. 

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As Venus opposes ethereal Neptune, don’t be surprised if someone who seems only too eager to flatter you is also a tad jealous. 

A calm-looking sea may be beset with crosscurrents and unexpected dangers, which means it’s wise to be aware. 

Trying to get people to stick to their word could be difficult, as a nebulous blend of energies might see them losing focus.  

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