NFL world reacts to brutal Tom Brady new

Tom Brady is attempting to take a new role in the NFL as an owner in the league, but he can’t seem to get league approval. 

Tom Brady agreed to become a minority owner of the Las Vegas Raiders and he just needed approval from the NFL owners to finalize the sale. 

He hasn’t gotten that approval yet, and when the NFL held an ownership meeting this week, another meeting went by where Brady was not approved. 

Irsay is a member of the finance committee that needs to approve the sale for Brady to officially become an owner 

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As Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk points out, there are several reasons why the sale has not been approved yet, and none of them are really optimistic for Brady. 

There seem to be many potential reasons for the failure to rubber stamp Brady’s acquisition of what is believed to be five of 10 percent of the Raiders. 

From the new rule against giving equity to employees (which Davis spoke out against at the meeting it was adopted) to Brady’s upcoming broadcasting career  

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