Loudest Stadiums in the United State

Starting off our list is the home of the Vegas Golden Knights. When hockey was first announced, fans thought the stadium would be overrun by visiting fans. 

Florida State has one of the most legendary college football programs in the nation. The fanbase has seen a national championship most recently in 2013 

The USC Trojans are known for their amazing offense and high scoring games. Fans love watching offense, especially when it’s as aesthetically pleasing as the USC Trojan offense. 

It’s time to go to college basketball, and that brings us to Cameron Indoor Stadium, home of the Duke Blue Devils. 

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Arguably the greatest dynasty in the history of the NFL is the New England Patriots from 2001 to 2018. 

Another of the greatest college football dynasties comes from the SEC. The Alabama Crimson Tide are consistently ranked amongst the best football teams in college.  

The Vikings are still searching for their first Super Bowl title, but the fans have always stood behind the team. U.S. Bank Stadium has had a host of amazing plays 

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