Latest Lakers news: Key Reserve's Play Justifies Promotion

Since being put to the bench, the rookie guard has played better this season. He struggled early in the year, maybe due to summer rest deprivation. 

Reaves' legs appeared tired early in the FIBA World Cup for Team USA. He has subsequently improved, and the Lakers are better.

His recent strong play raises the question of whether he should return to the starting lineup. Reaves already ends games for the Lakers, so starting may be beneficial.

The greatest counterargument is that Reaves helps the bench unit. When other starters go, his scoring makes things simpler for the Lakers.

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The team has struggled lately, with Reaves being a bright spot. He may start this season, even if it takes a few weeks after the trade deadline.

Reaves is a key player for the Lakers whether he starts or comes off the bench. 

LA has a greater chance of turning things around on the floor if he keeps playing well.

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