In NBA Rookie Power Rankings, Wembanyama lowers, who rises? 

The trip continues with a rematch against the LA Clippers, who will seek revenge. 

Before this two-game road trip, the Mavs had lost two straight to the Bucks and Kings. 

They won against the Lakers, as needed. 

A game that had Mavs fans up past midnight, the Mavericks lost a 20-point lead late in the fourth but Kyrie Irving restored it. 

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Without Irving, this game would have felt weird like many of the Mavericks' losses last season.  

Irving carried the team and dropped 28 points. Irving has gone fire in the last few games, after his early season troubles. 

Also, other Mavericks contributed. Josh Green finally had a good game, scoring 15 points in a crucial bench position.  

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