European Super League—now what?

A22 released a statement 30 minutes following the ECJ news release. Bernd Reichart, CEO, said: "Uefa is over. Football's free."

Sixty-four males were separated into three groups, 32 women into two. No teams were specified, but "guaranteed revenues" came with solidarity payments

Reichart was confident about A22 and their supporters' football prospects when he spoke to BBC Sport two hours later.

He said the ruling was obvious. It addresses competition misuse. Doubt is minimal. A straightforward decision and a terrific day for football.

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Their idea is far more restrictive than the 2021 plan everyone rejected.

They can make anything. I hope their amazing competition with two clubs begins soon. I hope they know what they're doing, but I doubt it. Football's not for sale.

Two or three clubs are absent today. They weren't expelled. We've not threatened. We welcome their company. ECA has never constrained ambition. It's true.

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