Dog Breeds to Scare You

A Pit Bull? These powerful dogs are misconstrued as aggressive and ferocious. Their love, loyalty, and excitement for life are unwavering. 

Rottweilers are loyal and terrifying. The strong jawline and muscular build are for business, not show. These powerful German dogs herded livestock and pulled meat-laden carts to market.

German Shepherd. This breed is like a Swiss Army Knife for dogs—versatile, resolute, and sharper than others. This breed of herding hound can herd anything from your neighbors' kids to the pizza delivery guy. 

Doberman Pinschers are smart and strong. Dobies could make criminals reconsider their careers with her canine bodybuilder form and intelligent eyes.

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Bullmastiff is a powerful dog. Their size and might make them the pinnacle of canine intimidation. It's easy to see why Bullmastiffs are called the dog world's guardians.

Akita can make grown men jump onto the nearest piece of furniture. The bear-like proportions and powerful posture of these Japanese fur puppies surprise.

Cane Corso! These big Italian mastiffs are protective and imposing. These dogs would snort, “I’ve seen scarier.” during horror movies. Their wide chest and square jaw

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