5 legendary NFL quarterbacks that might succeed today

The NFL revolves around the quarterback. The perception is that's always been the case

Early on, quarterbacks were crucial, but not always the offense's focus. Historically, quarterbacks have been the most popular players on the field

Looking at the game today, the cream is on top. Even though some of the NFL's all-time greats have left, we're still waiting for the next generation to emerge.

There are many Hall of Fame quarterbacks. Canton is home to 36 signal callers

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We can't help but remember certain quarterbacks who weren't so lucky. Talent didn't always matter.

They sometimes played in the wrong era. Who's career might have changed if they played today

Of course, Dan Marino would have killed today. Today's Warren Moon would terrorize defenses. Fouts would be great. Legendary players are expected to last generations.

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