Deshaun Watson is the worst trade in NFL history

The NFL has seen its fair share of blockbuster trades over the years, some of which have left fans and experts scratching their heads. One of the most recent trades that has generated significant controversy and debate is the Deshaun Watson trade. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this trade and evaluate whether it deserves the title of being the worst trade in NFL history.

The Deshaun Watson Trade in Context

Deshaun Watson, the talented quarterback who spent the early years of his career with the Houston Texans, was traded to the Cleveland Browns in a high-profile deal. The trade included multiple draft picks, players, and significant resources, making it one of the most substantial deals in recent memory. However, the trade itself is not without its complexities and controversies.

The Pros and Cons

To determine whether the Deshaun Watson trade is the worst in NFL history, we must consider both the pros and cons of the deal.


  1. Talent and Potential: Deshaun Watson is undeniably one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league. His ability to read defenses, make accurate throws, and extend plays with his legs is remarkable.
  2. Cleveland’s Aspiration: The Browns, by acquiring Watson, are clearly making a bold move to elevate their team to a championship contender. This trade reflects their ambition to win now.


  1. Legal Issues: One of the significant complications surrounding this trade is the legal issues Deshaun Watson faces. Multiple allegations of sexual misconduct have cast a shadow over his career and raised concerns about his availability to play.
  2. Cost: The trade was incredibly expensive for the Browns, both in terms of draft capital and the financial commitment to Watson. Such a hefty investment carries significant risk.

The Worst in NFL History?

The designation of “the worst trade in NFL history” is a weighty one, considering the league’s long and storied history of trades. While the Deshaun Watson trade has its share of complexities and risks, it’s essential to remember that the verdict is not yet final. Watson’s legal situation is ongoing, and his performance with the Browns remains to be seen.

History has shown that some trades that initially appeared disastrous turned out differently over time. Likewise, some highly celebrated trades have fizzled. The success or failure of the Deshaun Watson trade will be determined by his on-field performance, the resolution of his legal matters, and the Browns’ overall success.

In conclusion, while the Deshaun Watson trade has stirred significant debate, labeling it as the worst in NFL history may be premature. Time will reveal the true implications of this trade, and only then can a fair assessment be made. Until then, football fans will eagerly watch and wait to see how this high-stakes transaction unfolds.

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