Browns Sign Former Ravens RB to Practice Squad

In the ever-evolving landscape of the NFL, player signings and movements can often become the center of attention. The Cleveland Browns have recently made a notable move, signing a former Baltimore Ravens running back to their practice squad. This signing has sparked curiosity and excitement among fans and analysts, as it holds the potential to bolster the Browns’ backfield and add depth to their roster.

The running back in question is none other than Ty’Son Williams, who previously donned the Ravens’ purple and black. Williams is a name that many NFL enthusiasts have become familiar with over the past season, as he made his mark as a rookie with the Ravens in 2021.

Ty’Son Williams’ Journey

Williams, an undrafted free agent out of Brigham Young University (BYU), burst onto the scene during the Ravens’ 2021 campaign. He displayed remarkable speed and agility, often breaking free for impressive gains. His performance garnered attention and made him a valuable asset to the Ravens’ running back corps.

However, the Ravens’ running back room is well-known for its depth, with notable talents like J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards. Unfortunately, Williams faced competition from this formidable group and a season-ending injury during the 2021 preseason, which temporarily sidetracked his promising start in the NFL.

The Browns’ Opportunity

Now, with Ty’Son Williams signing with the Cleveland Browns’ practice squad, it’s an opportunity for both the player and the team. Williams brings youthful energy and the experience of learning from a dynamic Ravens offense. His abilities as a runner and pass-catcher could provide valuable depth to the Browns’ running back roster.

The Browns, under the leadership of head coach Kevin Stefanski, have demonstrated a commitment to a strong running game. With star running back Nick Chubb leading the charge, Williams could find himself in an environment that values his skill set and offers an opportunity to showcase his abilities in the NFL once more.

Practice Squad Signings: A Strategic Move

Signing Ty’Son Williams to the practice squad is a strategic move for the Browns. It allows them to evaluate his potential while providing insurance for their backfield. In the NFL, where injuries can swiftly alter a team’s dynamics, having a capable and experienced runner in the practice squad can be a game-changer.

It’s also worth noting that practice squad players have the chance to impress coaches and earn a spot on the active roster. Williams, with his speed and versatility, could make a case for himself and become a valuable asset for the Browns in the future.


The signing of Ty’Son Williams to the Cleveland Browns’ practice squad is an intriguing development in the NFL world. It’s a story of resilience and potential, as Williams gets a second chance to make his mark in the league. For the Browns, it’s a move that enhances their running back depth and positions them well for the challenges of an NFL season. As the season unfolds, football fans will be watching closely to see how this signing impacts both Ty’Son Williams and the Cleveland Browns.

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