5 Packers Who Won’t Finish 2023

A Troubling Start for Aaron Rodgers

The 2023 season hasn’t been smooth sailing for the Packers’ star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Injuries have already taken a toll, and his contract situation raises questions about his future with the team.

The recent setback has fans worried about Rodgers’ long-term prospects. Will he complete the season? The answer may not be as reassuring as Packers enthusiasts hope.

Jaire Alexander: A Year on the Sidelines

Jaire Alexander, the Packers’ exceptional cornerback, faces a challenging season. An early-season injury has sidelined him for an extended period. If he doesn’t recover as expected, 2023 might be a year without Alexander’s stellar presence in the secondary.

Uncertain Future for Za’Darius Smith

Za’Darius Smith, a defensive force for the Packers, is dealing with a looming free agency. The uncertain contract negotiations and potential trade talks cast doubt on his continuation with the team in 2023. Will he be in Packers’ green throughout the season?

David Bakhtiari: Overcoming Injury Hurdles

Offensive tackle David Bakhtiari, while a crucial asset for the Packers, is fighting his way back from injury. His rehabilitation progress is promising, but his return is not guaranteed. Can Bakhtiari make a triumphant comeback in 2023?

Rashan Gary: A Key to the Defense

Rashan Gary, a rising star on the Packers’ defense, is essential for the team’s success. However, an early-season injury has thrown his season into question. Will he recover and rejoin the defense?

Insider Predictions

In the unpredictable world of NFL, it’s challenging to make definitive predictions. The fate of these five Packers hinges on various factors, from injury recoveries to contract negotiations. Our experts predict that while some may face challenges, others could make triumphant comebacks.


1. Will Aaron Rodgers leave the Packers in 2023?

  • It’s uncertain. Rodgers’ future with the team depends on multiple factors, including his health and contract negotiations.

2. When can we expect Jaire Alexander’s return?

  • The timeline for Alexander’s return is unclear, but the Packers hope to have him back later in the season.

3. Are there trade talks involving Za’Darius Smith?

  • Yes, trade talks have been circulating, but nothing is set in stone yet.

4. How is David Bakhtiari’s rehabilitation progressing?

  • Bakhtiari’s rehab is going well, but the exact return date remains uncertain.

5. What is the extent of Rashan Gary’s injury?

  • The details of Gary’s injury are not disclosed, but the Packers are optimistic about his recovery.

6. Are there any potential replacements for these players?

  • The Packers have contingency plans, but the impact of these players is hard to replace.


The 2023 season is filled with uncertainty for the Green Bay Packers, as five key players face various challenges. Whether it’s Aaron Rodgers’ contract, Jaire Alexander’s injury, Za’Darius Smith’s contract negotiations, David Bakhtiari’s recovery, or Rashan Gary’s injury, the Packers and their fans have a lot to keep an eye on. We hope this article provided insights into the potential hurdles these players might face. As the season unfolds, only time will tell if they can overcome these obstacles and finish the season strong.

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