3 Browns Most Likely to Be Traded at the Deadline

The NFL trade deadline is always an exciting time for fans and teams looking to make strategic moves. The Cleveland Browns, like many other teams, are considering their options as the deadline approaches. In this article, we’ll explore the three Browns players who are most likely to be traded as the deadline looms.

1. David Njoku – Tight End

David Njoku is a talented tight end, but his future with the Cleveland Browns has been uncertain for some time. Njoku has shown flashes of brilliance but has often been underutilized in the team’s offensive schemes. With the emergence of other tight ends in the Browns’ lineup, Njoku could be a valuable asset for a team in need of a dynamic pass-catching tight end. The trade deadline presents an opportunity for the Browns to receive valuable assets in exchange for Njoku.

2. Greedy Williams – Cornerback

Greedy Williams, a former second-round pick, has struggled with injuries during his time with the Browns. While his potential is undeniable, the team’s cornerback depth has improved in his absence. With the Browns in playoff contention, they may opt to trade Williams to address other roster needs. His youth and talent make him an attractive prospect for teams looking to bolster their secondary.

3. Austin Hooper – Tight End

Austin Hooper, another tight end, is a proven pass-catcher in the NFL. However, the Browns’ offensive strategy has shifted, and Hooper’s role in the team has diminished. With his skill set and experience, Hooper could be a valuable addition for a team seeking a reliable tight end for the second half of the season. The Browns may decide to part ways with Hooper to create cap space and add to their assets.

The Trade Deadline’s Role

The NFL trade deadline is a pivotal moment in the season. Teams evaluate their rosters and make strategic decisions based on their performance and playoff aspirations. For the Cleveland Browns, who have high expectations for the current season, trading certain players can help address immediate needs or prepare for the future.


As the NFL trade deadline approaches, the Cleveland Browns have several valuable assets that could be of interest to other teams. Whether it’s to address roster gaps, accumulate draft picks, or create cap space, trades can be a crucial tool for NFL teams. The fate of David Njoku, Greedy Williams, Austin Hooper, and other potential trade candidates will be closely watched by fans and NFL enthusiasts, as their moves could significantly impact the second half of the season and the future of the Browns.

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